Make Sure Your Renovator is EPA Certified EPA Lead-Safe Certification LogoHomeowners may not be aware of the new law passed by the Environmental Protection Agency on April 22, 2010, but in a series of new lead paint laws intended to make remodeling projects safer and more environmentally friendly, federal law now requires contractors to be trained and certified under EPA to follow regulations for houses built before 1978. If you’re home was built before 1978, this means a healthier home for you, your family and people that perform renovations to your home.

With over 38 million homes containing lead paint in the US no one can argue the importance of good lead paint laws.  The effects of lead-based paint can be dangerous and pose serious health concerns in children and, although very rare, can even cause death if not properly contained during repairs and renovations.

If you hire a contractor to do a renovation in your home that was built prior to 1978, be sure you hire a certified contractor.  Becoming a Certified Renovator is provided through the Environmental Protection Agency’s Lead-Safe Certification program.