Top 35 Popular Remodeling Projects Recoup on Average Over 60% of Cost at Resale

Remodeling Your Home Ever wonder how much return on investment you get on that bathroom remodel project or exterior siding replacement to your home? According to the Remodeling 2010-11 Cost vs. Value Report*, homeowners can recoup on average over 60% of the cost of investment for the top 35 most popular remodeling projects. Those projects include everything from indoor projects such as bathroom additions and basement remodeling to exterior work such as deck additions and roof replacements. For example, a basement remodel for the South Atlantic region can recoup 70% of the project cost when compared to resale value and an exterior project such as a deck addition can recoup over 72% at resale. Keep that in mind for when you’re considering that next home improvement project and the value of your investment.

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