So Many Types of Siding, Why HardiePlank?

Buy Ambien France James Hardie LogoDeciding on which siding material to use is a major decision because it is not only a major expense but also a major component to the exterior protection of your home from damage and inclement weather. With so many siding options, one of the preferred products of choice is HardiePlank Siding.  Although HardiePlank Siding has become more popular in recent years to contractors, many homeowners may not be aware of this relatively new siding product and why it has become so popular. Hardie Plank SidingHardie Plank Siding is actually a kind of fiber cement siding in composition, but it is often referred to by its brand name after James Hardie line of products (similar to what Bandaid did for bandages). It is made from a composite of concrete materials that include cement, sand, and cellulose.  It has become a popular alternative to wood, America’s traditional siding, and other siding types as well, such as stucco and certain types of masonry siding because of its ability to imitate them at a fraction of the cost. The following is a summary of the advantages that distinguish it from other types of siding and make it a preferred product for residential, single family houses.

Buy Zolpidem Er Online Ambien Cr Where To Buy Durability
Because of its synthetic composition, it does not rot or crack, nor is it damaged by hail or heavy rains. James Hardie has even developed their siding products for climate “zones” of North America, engineering their siding product lines for specific seasonal temperatures that correspond to the climate in that area.  For example, for our region their siding is designed for extreme seasonal temperature variations, and snow and ice.  Add to that a 30 to 50 year warranty and that sure does feel like a long-term solution to your siding.

Architectural Appeal
America’s traditional siding since colonial times, wood, has an appeal and natural texture that is hard to match.  However, because even the most resilient wood requires maintenance, its appeal can easily be overlooked for something that is able to imitate it without the expensive maintenance costs. HardiePlank does just that- natural wood texture look yet virtually maintenance free.  Fiber cement siding can also resemble stucco cedar shingles, depending on how the panels are textured. In addition, you have many options for color – whether you want it pre-finished or want to paint it yourself. Non-combustible
Although fire-resistance is clearly a benefit over wood sidings and vinyl, it is not a special distinction compared to brick.  But HardiePlank siding is cheaper than brick and offers more variety in textures and colors.  For fire-prone areas such as California, fire-resistance is imperative.

Buy Ambien Uk Online Fiber cement siding is not without its shortcomings, of course.  It can be break easily if not handled properly during installation; it requires very specific procedures to be properly installed; and by itself doesn’t provide much insulation.  However, when considering the cost and benefits of this product against other types of siding, no one can argue why it’s becoming a popular and highly sought after kind of siding for not only contractors but homeowners as well.