Check Your Pipe Collars Once A Year It may be time to change out your failing pipe collarOne common call that our Home Repair Specialists respond to frequently is an inexplicable, small water spot on the ceiling of a home just below the attic.  Often this is the result of the failing of the collar or boot that surrounds a drain aeration pipe. The device is used to make these pipes waterproof at the roof end.  Unfortunately, pipe collars have a relatively short lifespan compared with most roofing materials.  They consist of a plastic or tin base, about 1′ by 18″ with a small dome of soft rubber in the middle that is pre-formed to fit snugly around the pipe.  The soft rubber “gasket” often gets dry and cracked after 5-8 years and will start to allow water or melting snow through, eventually making its way to the ceiling below and causing a small water spot. You may ask, “Why do these pipes have to be sticking through my roof if they were prone to leak?” The answer is that they not only provide a direct line for air to get into the plumbing system but also allow for malodorous sewer gas to escape, and if they were any lower on your home you would be smelling that unpleasant gas. You may recall when you were a child of being fascinated by your apparent “magic power” to hold water in a drinking straw by holding your finger over the top? The same principle would hold true for the drains of sinks, toilets, and tubs in your home without the short pipes that protrude through the roof, allowing air to break the vacuum that exists without an open end.

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Buy Ambien American Express The best way to check for a failing pipe collar is to go into the attic, locate the places where a pipe goes through the roof, and just look up for any daylight that you may see around the outside of the pipe.  Of course, if access to your roof is safe and simple, you can also check from the top by examining the rubber for any cracks or separations from the pipe.  If these symptoms exist, you may not have a spot yet, but you can be assured that one is coming soon. Changing these collars before they leak is a simple, quick, and inexpensive procedure that can save you money from having to repair damage to attics and ceilings that become affected by the leak.  So be sure to check your plumbing boots once a year or contact us if you see the first signs of failure.