Prevent Wood Rot This Season with PVC, Your Maintenance-Free Solution for Exterior Trim Wood Rot at Bottom of DoorAs the rainy season comes and goes, homeowners should be reminded of a common spot for wood rot that occurs where they may not expect it yet where they will surely notice- right at their front door. We often get calls for this exterior trim area (known as brick molding) more than others, which can be easily fixed by a simple solution – replacing it with PVC exterior trim. Of course, this wood rot can occur on any door trim, such as a garage or patio door trim, that is exposed to the outside where the rain contacts and collects at the threshold, causing wood rot over time. AZEK MouldingAnother solution, although less favorable, is to paint and caulk the area, but that only means a delay in replacing your trim or painting and caulking again in a year or two.

Buy Zolpidem Online PVC trim can be a permanent, maintenance-free solution to all your exterior trim and not just your entry door jamb system.  PVC won’t warp or split like wood and it is also impervious to insect damage, rot and decay.  Fortunately, just like wood, PVC can be cut, sawn, drilled, screwed, nailed and painted. More importantly, PVC comes in similar styles as wood to avoid any aesthetic concerns with a new product on the home. You will not notice its PVC! If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, here’s a link with instruction for replacing your exterior door trim.  PVC molding can be found at any major hardware store.