Three Options to Remodel your Bathroom Luxury BathroomMany homeowners would like to remodel their bathrooms but don’t know to what degree it makes sense to, both financially or practically. First of all, homeowners should be reminded that the return on investment for a bathroom remodel is usually recoupable in resale, making it a financially and aesthetically beneficial investment. However, when it comes to price and scope of work, there is a big difference that is helpful to understand and distinguish when you’re undertaking a bathroom renovation.

There are three general remodeling options you can choose from when considering your next bathroom remodeling project, from the least expensive to the more costly: facelift remodel, pull and replace remodeling, and a custom remodel.

Prescription Ambien Online Zolpidem Online Facelift Remodel: The concept is simple and the work is relatively easy – it involves replacing mostly minor furnishings in the bathroom, those items that can be easily removed and reinstalled. Items such as a toilet, tile, or sink top can typically be replaced with relative ease yet updating these amenities can drastically improve the aesthetic look of your bathroom, especially if your furnishings are decades old. This kind of project is also the least expensive, depending on the amount of items you replace or add. Other items to consider replacing with relative ease are mirrors, light fixtures, and hardware accessories. You can also add furnishings where none existed, such as appliances or a medicine cabinet, or change the paint the color of your bathroom to match your cosmetic enhancements. This project is best when reselling your home, as the improvement is noticeable while the investment is minimal (on average around $2,000 to $7,000).

Cheap Ambien Generic Pull and Replace Bath: The pull and replace concept differs from a facelift remodel in that not merely are the minor items replaced but also the major furnishings such as a bath tub or sink/cabinet unit, yet still without making modifications to the floor plan, plumbing, or electrical components. This not only improves the look and feel of your bathroom but will make your bathroom as functional and comfortable as possible without changing the location of furnishings. Pulling your bath tub to replace with a newly tiled shower, for example, can add space to your bathroom while making it more useful to your needs. Most homeowners choose this option when renovating their bathroom, as it provides the maximum improvement to your bath remodel project for the cost (which on average is around $8,000 to $15,000).

Custom Bathroom Remodeling: If you need to change the design, floor plan, and overall makeup of your bathroom to make it a personal spa-like retreat, a custom bathroom remodeling project is what you want. This may require an Interior Designer to render some general sketch options before the production process begins to ensure you get exactly what you want. In this kind of remodeling, major plumbing and electrical components often have to be rearranged along with the custom floor plan, making the scope of work much more extensive. On average in the Charlottesville area a bathroom remodeling project of this scope can range anywhere from $20,000 to $40,000. However, you get exactly what you want and can enjoy this new retreat for years to come.