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Building a deck this Summer? In addition to considering items such as what contractor to hire and setting a budget for the project; something you should also take into consideration is the decking material you want to use. For as long as decks have been around, wood has been the obvious choice and material for decking. However, it is the nature of wood to rot—requiring homeowners to take preventative measures and steps to maintain the integrity of their decks. Properly maintaining a pressure treated wood deck requires that, at minimum, you power wash and have your deck stained every two years to keep it in the best condition possible. This can be a major inconvenience to you and your wallet over the long hall. Most of us do not have the time or equipment to handle the required maintenance on our decks and are forced to hire somebody to do it for us. Over time, this can add up to thousands of dollars in additional costs on your deck investment.

In the last 15-20 years, several wood alternative decking materials have been introduced to the market place. These materials (also known as “composite” decking) were introduced as a result of advancing technology and the will to eliminate added costs and headache for deck owners. Of the several composite decking materials introduced; one of the leading manufacturers and most well-known is Trex. Trex’s product is eco-friendly, put together with 95% recycled material. The Trex decking product along with the other composite decking products, DO cost more money initially than wood. However, Trex decking will not rot, it resists termites, it will not splinter, and it NEVER needs staining or painting!

Yes, the initial investment of going with a Trex deck is going to be higher but that investment is sure to pay off down the road. While other deck owners are forking out thousands of dollars to keep their decks in desirable condition—you would be enjoying yours year in and year out without breaking out the wallet or a sweat!

There are no blatant issues or problems with going with a pressure treated wood deck—they are actually still very popular and desirable. Trex is just an alternative option for you to consider as you begin to plan your deck project this Summer. Plenty of people prefer wood over the composite and do not mind the added maintenance. But, if you are not a DIY kind of person and can’t see hiring someone to do your deck maintenance every couple of years—you really may want to consider Trex. As you begin planning your deck project, it could be beneficial to you to research decking materials. The Trex website can give you some additional information on their product, you can look at the colors that they offer, and you can look through pictures of their finished decks. On many levels, they can help steer you in the right direction. If you decide that Trex is the route you want to go with they can even recommend a local Trex certified contractor for you to contact with your project!

Check out Trex for yourself!

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Integrity exceeded my expectations in every way. I have to say the whole concept of Integrity is wonderful...

- Roderick & Michelle Kelly

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