Things to Consider Before You Build a Sunroom in Charlottesville, VA

How To Buy Zolpidem Online Known variously as a Florida room, solarium, sun parlor, sun porch, garden room, and conservatory, a sunroom is designed to let in an abundance of natural light without forcing people to contend with many of the annoyances of the outdoors, such as intense direct sunlight, insects, and sudden changes in the weather. While certainly a great asset to any home, there are many variables to consider when deciding on whether to have a sunroom built. Let’s consider perhaps the most important variable first – cost. According to its 2014 Cost vs. Value Report, Remodeling Magazine says that a 200 square-foot sunroom addition with amenities likes operable skylights, energy efficient windows, tile flooring, and a ceiling fan can cost in the neighborhood of $70,000-$75,000. Of course, the price can be adjusted up or down depending on how simple or extravagant you want it. Also according to this report, the average sunroom in America provides roughly a 50 percent return on investment at resale. Another important factor to consider is heating and cooling. Do you want your sunroom to be a “three-season room” that people can comfortably occupy during the summer, spring, and fall, or is it your preference to have a space that people can enjoy year-round? Enabling it to be heated or cooled artificially will, of course, add to the overall price.

Lastly, you will need to make a determination as to whether your sunroom will be built in a manner that’s consistent with the architecture of your home. If so, the expertise of an architect will likely be needed, as your new addition will require a greater detail of customization and architectural planning.

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