Design-Build House Renovation Contractor in Charlottesville, VA Charlottesville RenovationIntegrity Design + Build is one of only a small handful of companies in Charlottesville, VA, that specializes in the design-build approach to house renovation. The term “design-build” refers to a specific method of project delivery, i.e., the process encompassing all of the necessary aspects of executing a building or renovation project. The project delivery method used can have a significant bearing on how the project is carried out and completed. As a homeowner seeking to pursue a house renovation, choosing the right project delivery methodology allows you to influence how the project is completed and what parties bear responsibility for bringing it to fruition. The design-build house renovation services that we provide in Charlottesville, Virginia, are characterized by a spirit of collaboration between ourselves and our valued customers. Instead of having to juggle multiple contracts – one between you and a designer, another between you and a builder – you will benefit from having only one contract to manage, namely the one between yourself and our company. Integrity Design + Build will assume both design and construction responsibility, unifying traditionally separate roles in an effort to complete your project faster, less expensively, and with better results. Collaborating from the outset as a goal-oriented team will result in a more efficient renovation process that gives you greater control over the day-to-day renovation activities. The two-contract system is replaced by a one-contract relationship that squarely places all renovation responsibilities into the hands of a single capable entity – our team.

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