Why Hire a Design Build Firm for Your Home Remodeling Project in Charlottesville, VA?

Design Build CharlottesvilleThe term “design build” refers to a method of home remodeling in which one entity – called the design builder – enters into a single contract with the property owner to provide both design and construction services. In Charlottesville, Virginia, and other cities nationwide, it is an increasingly popular alternative to the traditional design-bid-build (d/b/b) workflow in which design and construction are untaken by separate entities under separate contracts. Though long the standard in the home remodeling industry, d/b/b is gradually falling out of favor as property owners seek to cut costs and play a more participatory role in the remodeling process.


The defining characteristic of the design build approach is the existence of just a single contract, namely the one between the homeowner and the design builder. One contract means one unified workflow and a single point of responsibility. Streamlining the home remodeling process in such a way results in the creation of an alliance between the two parties, one that fosters collaboration, bolsters creativity, and cultivates an environment where communication between the parties is frequent and honest. According to the Design Build Institute of America, there are significant inherent efficiencies in taking the single-contract approach. Owners enjoy faster project delivery, cost savings, decreased administration burdens, and the advantage of working with just a single company that bears full responsibility for all project deliverables.

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