What is a Design/Build Sunroom?

Charlottesville SunroomHaving a sunroom added onto your home in Charlottesville, Virginia, will allow you and your family to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors without the drawbacks of actually being outside, such as bugs, wind, and sudden storms. While it’s certainly possible to buy a sunroom that’s been prefabricated offsite, chances are you would prefer an addition that both feels and looks like a seamless extension of your house. For that, you will want a design/build sunroom, one that’s custom-tailored to your family’s living requirements and built in accordance with professional, detailed plans.

https://letusdisagree.com/rmpwlxka3bc The term “design/build” refers to a project delivery model that puts design and construction responsibilities into the hands of a single company: the design builder. By merging these responsibilities into a single contract, the design/build team is able to collaborate better, save money, save time, and produce a better end result, whether it be a sunroom, garage, second-story addition, or entire house. With a design/build sunroom, you’ll be able to transform your idea of the perfect space into reality in just a matter of months. And, with help from the right design/build firm, you’ll be able to invest your time and money with confidence knowing that you’re working with professionals who value and offer the myriad advantages of the design/build approach.

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https://www.wararadio.com/e1gf9qfi341 For more information about having a design/build sunroom – or any other type of addition – added onto your home, please contact Integrity Design + Build today. We are a design/build firm in Charlottesville, VA, that has an extensive background in home addition design and construction.