Three Things All Great Contractors Have in Common Even in a relatively small community like Charlottesville, VA, there are many contractors that are ready, willing, and able to give you their business. On one hand, it is nice to have a big selection. On the other hand, the sheer number of contractors that are active in the Charlottesville area can be bit a disorienting to anyone who has never had occasion to hire one before. Thus, in order to make an informed hiring decision, it is incumbent upon you as the homeowner to carefully evaluate the contractors that are out there, and to winnow down the list to, say, two or three that you would feel comfortable working with. To assist you in your search, here are three traits that all good contractors have in common (and, perhaps needless to say, traits you should be looking for):
  • Solid work history – A good contractor is able to do more than just tell you it is qualified; it should be able to provide you a representative sample of other construction projects it has successfully completed in your community recently.
  • Professional certifications – Do not waste your time with any contractors that are unwilling or unable to show you any professional certifications. At a minimum, you will want to verify that a contractor you are considering has an active Virginia contractor’s license, which you can do by clicking here.
  • Responsiveness – Sometimes it is the small things that indicate a contractor is truly good. For example, if a contractor promptly returns your calls, is on time to all appointments, and shows a propensity for always being organized, these are excellent indications that the contractor is worthy of doing business with.

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