What Are the Steps in the Design-Build Process?

Ambien American Express The term “design build” is used to refer to a method of construction that has grown significantly in popularity in recent years. By some estimates, it will become the predominant project delivery method in the United States by the end of the decade. Residential homes as well as large-scale commercial buildings and public works are built via this method on an ever-increasing scale.

How, exactly, does the design build process work?

The most important thing to understand with regard to this topic is that design and construction are contracted to a single entity known as the design builder. The traditional method of building a home, in contrast, separated design and construction into distinct tasks that were often the responsibility of two entirely different companies: an architectural firm on one hand, and a building contractor on the other. Design build – which has its roots in the “master builder” approach previously used for centuries – streamlines the process in an attempt to reduce owner risk, speed up project completion, improve quality, minimize administrative red tape, and put accountability into the hands of just one entity instead of several. Underlying this approach is an emphasis on teamwork. By working as a single, integrated team, the owner and the design-builder can achieve more for less and on a faster timetable than they would ever be able to do under the traditional design-bid-build system. In light of all of this, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that design build has increasingly become the project delivery method of choice for anyone who requires a structure built.