The Advantages to Hiring a Design Build Firm for Your Home Renovation Project in Charlottesville, VA Charlottesville Design Build FirmThe city of Charlottesville, Virginia, is home to an ever-increasing number of “design build” residential remodeling firms. The reason for this is simple: the traditional method of building or renovating a house is gradually being replaced by a better process, a project delivery model that puts responsibility for both design and construction into the hands of a single entity – the design builder. The essence of the new model, according to the Design Build Institute of America (DBIA), is the transformation of the sometimes antagonistic relationship between designers and builders into an alliance that is better suited to fostering collaboration and teamwork. Instead of requiring the property owner to manage two separate contracts – one with the designer, one with the builder – the design build approach entails only a single contract and a unified workflow from start to finish. Unified at the outset, the property owner and the design builder are able to complete the project faster, more cost effectively, and with fewer change orders. Let’s look at the advantages of hiring a Charlottesville design build firm in more detail:
  • Money savings – Being able to evaluate alternative building methods and construction materials as a team from the beginning helps to save money and eliminate false starts.
  • Time savings – Working as an integrated team with a common goal and open channels of communication inevitably results in time saved, for everyone. The entire process is streamlined.
  • Clearer accountability – The design builder is totally accountable for the management and ultimate success of the project. There is no pointing fingers, passing the buck, or shirking responsibilities. Whether you want to build an addition or do something a bit more modest, like remodel a bathroom or modernize the kitchen, there are many advantages to putting the project in the hands of a qualified design builder. For more information, contact Integrity Design + Build, a design build firm serving Charlottesville, VA, and the surrounding area.

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