What is Your Dream Home Addition?

Buying Zolpidem Building a home addition is a major undertaking, but truth be told, the space you gain will more than pay for itself in terms of home value and day-to-day enjoyment. A new room can be added to your house to accommodate a growing family, provide a quiet refuge to work, or function as an extension of the living room or kitchen. Whatever you use it for, a home addition will be more than just extra space; it will be an integral part of your home that is enjoyed by everyone for many years to come. Money aside, if you were free to build your dream addition, what would it be? Thinking about a dream addition regardless of cost is no empty exercise, since it can reveal what you desire most about living in a potentially bigger home. For many, their dream home addition is a:
  • Master bedroom suite
  • Sunroom
  • Guest bedroom
  • Garage
  • Workshop
  • Kitchen bump out Another home “addition” that homeowners derive a considerable amount of satisfaction from is a finished basement. A newly finished basement can dramatically increase the square footage of your home, raising its value in the process. Just like any other type of addition, a finished basement will make everyday living more enjoyable for everyone thanks to the added amount of livable space it provides. Finished basements are ideal for watching movies, pursuing a hobby, exercising, or for giving the children space indoors to play.