Ambien Buyers In Usa How to Find the Right Home Contractor for the Job Knowing how to find the right home contractor is an essential skill that just comes with the territory of owning a house. Whether you want to remodel the kitchen, finish the basement, re-do a bathroom, build a deck, or put on an addition, nothing can be accomplished until you have hired a home contractor to execute the project. But, where do you start your search? Do you look in the phone book? Ask a friend? “Google” it? How you go about finding a contractor certainly is important, but perhaps not as important as assessing whether any one contractor is qualified to undertake the work you would like performed. Remodeling your home is a significant investment of your time and money, and as with any investment, you want it to pay off in your favor. Here are a few suggestions that can potentially help you in your search for a qualified home contractor:
  • Plan the project in your mind in advance – Doing so will help you stay within your budget and give each contractor the opportunity to bid on similar work
  • Conduct interviews – Speaking to a contractor in person or over the phone can provide valuable clues as to how dedicated they are to obtaining your business
  • Ask to speak to former customers – Although not conclusive, the opinions of other customers can illuminate what it is like to work with a particular home contractor
  • Confirm licenses and certifications – Check with your state contractor licensing agency, and remember, any home contractor who does work on a pre-1978 home must be lead-safe certified by the EPA
  • Get a written quote/estimate on paper – A written proposal should always include price, scope of the work to be performed, materials used, and a completion date