The Benefits to Hiring a Design-Build Home Remodeling Contractor in Charlottesville, VA Today, design-build is a major trend in home remodeling. It is a project delivery method in which design and construction are the responsibility of a single entity, called the design-builder or the design-build contractor. Design-build is actually the oldest method of home remodeling, having been dominant for thousands of years up until the last couple of centuries. What explains its resurgence? The consensus appears to be that by holding a single party accountable for all aspects of a home remodeling project, a homeowner is able to assert more control over the direction the project goes in. Essentially, with design-build, everyone is on the same team. One entity – the design-builder – assumes total accountability and is therefore never in a position to point a finger or “pass the buck.” Design-build allows for better organization, heightened efficiency, and more transparency from start to finish.

Buy Ambien In Mexico The argument in favor of the design-build method is compelling. Studies consistently show that hiring a design-build home remodeler leads to lower total costs, shorter delivery times, and qualitatively better results overall. Compared to the old system of design-bid-build, design-build takes a considerable amount of uncertainty and risk out of the home remodeling equation. It fosters collaboration, sparks innovation, and is capable of eliminating cost overruns and other unwanted surprises.

No matter if you want to finish your basement, build a new porch, or add a room onto your home, design-build is a specialty that warrants your consideration.