The Advantages of Design/Build Home Renovation Services

The term “design/build” is used in reference to a method of home renovation. Increasingly, it is supplanting “design-bid-build” as the predominant renovation method. Design/build is a project delivery system in which both the design and construction phases of a project become the contractual responsibility of a single entity, known as the design-builder. From the perspective of the homeowner, one contract means having a single source of accountability and a significantly more transparent home renovation process in general. Design/build is widely used in the commercial and residential construction industries for all project types. Here are the most significant advantages typically cited in favor of the design/build method:

  • Time savings – Less time is wasted on assigning responsibility or pointing fingers should something go wrong. Studies have shown that design/build home renovation projects are completed 33% faster than projects that are designed and built utilizing separate contracts.
  • Cost savings – There is a growing consensus that design/build can introduce significant cost savings, assuming it is done correctly.
  • Risk reduction – Although some risk is inherent in all home renovation projects, with design/build, greater risk is shouldered by the design-builder who assumes complete responsibility for the project from start to finish. Not all contractors in Charlottesville are well-versed in the design/build approach. For that reason and others, it is important to check credentials and inquire further as to whether design/build is the right project delivery method for you. Click here for an overview of the design/build workflow.