Why Move When You Can Remodel? Depending on the housing market in the Charlottesville area, it can sometimes make more sense financially to remodel than it does to up and move. If your goal is to live in a bigger and/or more functional home, it is possible to accomplish that without having to leave the neighborhood you have come to know and love. Even a relatively basic remodel – such as a light kitchen makeover or refurbishing a basement – can make a world of difference in terms of practicality and comfort. What it boils down to is comparing the potential benefits gained from remodeling with the gains from moving, offset by the disadvantages presented by both. An honest evaluation of what your family’s needs are and what you can reasonably afford to spend should point you in the right direction.

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For many families, the decision to remodel is heavily influenced by their home’s location.  If you have a strong attachment to a particular neighborhood or part of town, moving to a far away ZIP code just for the sake of living in a larger home can bring with it unforeseen problems. Another factor to consider is family size. Do you plan to have more children? Do you anticipate an elderly family member one day moving in with you? Answers to questions like these can affect your thinking about whether it is in the best interest of your family to move or stay put and remodel.

Finally, crunch the numbers. What can your current home reasonably sell for? How much equity do you have in the home? What are the prevailing interest rates on new mortgages? How quickly are homes selling in the Charlottesville area? Also, don’t forget to pin down exactly what a particular remodel will cost you.