Screen Porch Addition – Options to Consider in Charlottesville, VA

Ambien Mastercard Many screen porches today are a far cry from those of yesteryear. Thanks to advances in building materials, as well as a pronounced increase in demand among homeowners for screen porches with more amenities and greater architectural character, today’s screen porches are more durable, comfortable, and beautiful than ever. And while screen mesh continues to reign supreme for its ability to keep out bugs, other materials have gained in popularity as well, such as wood or vinyl latticework, Key West shutters, and removable windows. Inside, no two screen porches are ever exactly alike. Some are sparsely furnished, while others function much like outdoor living rooms. Some are not wired for electricity, and others have ceiling fans, electrical outlets, TV jacks, and more. Some screens porches even have wood-burning fireplaces, a great amenity for staying warm on chilly evenings. Whatever its design, a screen porch provides the ultimate indoor/outdoor living space, a room that is sheltered from the elements yet still allows access to revitalizing fresh air and the surrounding scenery. And while it’s certainly true that screen porches are used most heavily in the summertime, features likes fireplaces, heated flooring, and specialty windows can make them suitable for year-round enjoyment. So, go ahead. Expand your living space with a screen porch and discover all the various design possibilities.