Screen Porch or Sunroom? Charlottesville Screen PorchWhat a screen porch and a sunroom have in common is their ability to allow you to enjoy the great outdoors without having to put up with pesky nuisances like mosquitoes, rain, and the scorching sun. However, screen porches and sunrooms are quite different from one another in several important respects. If you are as of yet still unsure whether you’d prefer to have a screen porch or a sunroom installed, it might be helpful to take the following factors into consideration:

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  • Protection from cold and heat – Whereas a screened-in porch will provide virtually no protection from the cold and heat, an insulated sunroom with built-in heating and air conditioning can be comfortably occupied a full 12 months out of the year. Year-round sunrooms typically are built using energy-efficient, double pane windows and climate control mechanisms similar to other rooms in the house.
  • Seasonal or year-round use – Whether you live in or near Charlottesville, VA, you won’t be able to use a simple screen porch on a year-round basis. If that is what you demand and your budget allows it, a four-season, year-round sunroom is the type of addition you’re after.
  • Cost – While every addition is different, in general, screen porches are far less expensive to design and install than sunrooms with fully integrated heat and A/C. That being said, a sunroom, which will more or less be a seamless extension of your home, will certainly do more to increase your home’s overall value.

For more information about having either a screen porch or a sunroom installed, please contact Integrity Design + Build in Charlottesville, VA, today.