Sunroom Addition Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) If you want to add extra space to your home in Charlottesville, VA, a sunroom is a cost-effective option to consider. Unlike many other types of additions – such as bedrooms, bathrooms, and finished basements – sunrooms needn’t necessarily have ductwork, overhead lighting, plumbing, insulated walls, or anything of that nature. Although sunrooms come in an almost infinite variety of forms, a simple sunroom is relatively easy and inexpensive to build. Here are some frequently asked questions that we hear from homeowners regarding the topic of sunrooms: Q: How much do they cost?

A: Because every sunroom that we build is customized, it’s hard to say what the “average” sunroom costs. Size, materials, and desired amenities all factor into the price. Q: How long does it take to build a sunroom? A: Again, this question doesn’t have an easy answer. When you consider every step, such as drafting a design, finalizing schematic drawings, obtaining permits, procuring materials, building the structure, and conducting the final walkthrough, you can expect the process to last several months. Q: What can a sunroom be used for?

Buy Ambien Online Mexico A: It all depends on how it’s constructed, and how much you want it to resemble a traditional room. Generally speaking, people who desire a sunroom simply want a place to sit, read, engage in conversation, and enjoy their natural surroundings. Although not as formal as a living room or den, a sunroom can serve a similar purpose.

Another important distinction to point out is that some sunrooms are “pre-fab,” while others are built on-site, which are oftentimes referred to as being “stick-built.” Although it’s hard to generalize, pre-fab sunroom kits tend to have a far more generic look and feel.